Success cases: Transports

Solution: Data Management

Client: An important company operating in local transport
Sector: Transports
Solution: Data Management

The client, an important company operating in the public and local transport sector, contacted Present to develop an application that, on the basis of the acquisition of operational data from various systems, would allow to perform production analysis through specific reports.
The objective was to monitor constantly the progress of corporate productivity and be able to implement the most appropriate actions to address the performances and make detailed analysis for specific phenomena. To achieve this result,
Present employed a large team of certified specialists, taking advantage of many years of experience in Business Intelligence.
A further element perceived as a priority by the client was the setting up of a system for the quadrature of the Travel Tickets and of the financial flows of the Acquirers linked to the sale of Travel Tickets through electronic money payments. The client desired to set up an advanced reporting system that would allow identifying the causes of discrepancies between the various sources of sales data analysed easily and immediately.
The benefits of adopting the Present solution have touched various aspects of company management. Now the client has a broader and more consistent perspective of business productivity, thanks to an advanced control of incoming data. Besides, the company manages to quickly grasp the nuances and discrepancies between the various sources of sales data analysed.

The Present solutions

To meet the client’s requirements, Present first defined the production indicators (the kilometres travelled, the cars, the drivers and the machinists) to be measured and monitored over time to verify the company’s productivity trend on Business Intelligence dashboards. instead, to implement the quadrature system, Present acquired sales data from different sources and verified their congruity for each specific channel. Besides, a check was arranged on the fees applied by the acquirers according to the type of card used for payment.
Before adopting Present’s resources and skills, the reports created by the client with the company indicators were not centralised through Business Intelligence solutions, but were extracted in various ways from the different sources through non-shared business rules. This meant that information updates were not made synchronously, thus decreasing the reliability of the data used.
In this project, Present has used transversal human resources. Team Leader, Project Manager, Account Manager, Systems Architect, Functional Analyst, DWH Modeller, SQL Specialist, DataStage Specialists and Oracle Business Intelligence Specialists. Oracle technologies and architectures were leveraged, like Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise and SQL Developer Data Modeler, and various IBM InfoSphere Information Server modules, like DataStage, Metadata Repository and Metadata Asset Manager. Present has operated in Windows and Linux (Suse and Redhat) environments.

The benefits for the client

The centralised solution provided by Present for the analysis of business productivity has enabled a clear and distinct improvement in the regularity of information updates and has allowed us to build a more reliable information pool . on the basis of which to make more timely decisions. Moreover, the solution provided by Present has allowed having greater control on incoming data that now are updated in real time, and to process only congruent information, thus providing only reliable data for the evaluation of the company reality.
The production of reports, the second demand formulated by the client, is now much more organic and up-to-date, and makes it easy to assess the causes of squaring and discrepancies between the sources used for sales data.