Success cases: Telco

Solution: Customer Experience

Client: Italian Prime Internet Provider
Sector: Telco
Solution: Customer Experience

The client, a prime Italian Internet provider, had the need to optimise resources and expand communication channels both for services to end customers and for “internal” customers on the territory. So Present has designed and implemented a dedicated Customer Experience, that could satisfy the client’s specific requests, typical of the sector.
The advantages of adopting Present’s services have involved many aspects of the business, including an efficient workforce, reduced waiting times and, more generally, a clear improvement in the Customer Experience.

The Present solutions

The customer needed to modernise their customer experience to optimise daily workflows and reduce the inefficiencies resulting from a system that did not exploit digital capabilities. To fulfil the request, Present designed, implemented and then provided to maintain an omnichannel platform based on Genesys Engage technology.
The solution was designed to provide facility managers with full control over reporting and management.
Through this platform, the company offers help desk services to ‘internal’ customers and can refer to voice and video-collaboration channels. Besides, telephone channels and the possibility of contacting the company via comparison sites are reserved toprospects.

The benefits for the client

The benefits perceived by the company, in addition to the satisfaction of having achieved the objectives set with an organised and timely project, were an expansion of touchpoints and of the communication modes provided by the customer and the provision of services and added value for “internal” customers.
The most important benefit is the general improvement of the Customer Experience, that has enabled the company to consolidate the relationships with its customers and to set up more advanced control and management of the services provided.