Sector: Industry

Success cases: Industry

Solution: SAP

Client: Leading supplier of flexible packaging and labels for the food and cosmetics sectors
Sector: Industry
Solution: SAP

The client, an important Italian company, manufacturer of flexible packaging and labels for the food and cosmetic sector, was undergoing a major transition, evolving from a mere supplier of materials to a key partner of its customers throughout the packaging lifecycle.

To maintain this distinctive positioning, the company felt the need to improve the service it offered to its customers and rationalise its internal processes. In particular, it was necessary to optimise the configurator, fundamental to guide clients in finding the best packaging solution, optimising the quality/price ratio.

Present has customised its own SAP preconfigured solution for Packaging on the clients needs. So, the client could benefit from the solution’s advantages in a quick and reliable wat, integrating a SAP-certified solution into its own processes, specifically designed for producers of finished packaging, semi-finished products, technical films, products in sheets or reels through processes such as moulding, extrusion, blowing and subsequent processing and assembly.
The introduction of a dedicated and customised solution has made it possible to meet the specific needs of the client, who has registered pervasive and transversal benefits, among which automatic creation of master records and optimised technical data, the possibility of retrieving and processing information, made available by the automated lines, also favouring the development of new business opportunities.

The Present solutions

The implementation activities concerned the following areas: quotation, logistics-production area and field data collection. The solution adopted by Present was specifically designed based on the sector specificities, including: the high incidence of raw material costs; production based on market demands; the strategic role of the Quality System and, also, the vital management of the promised delivery date.

In the implementation of the configurator, within the production logistics area, particular emphasis was placed on the assisted creation of all the technical and master data of new products.
Special attention was paid in the printing process area, to the management of production equipment.

The progress of the critical production phases was monitored through the automatic collection and processing of data provided by the lines’ servers. Thanks to the configurator, on-site data collection is updated in real time, making it possible to provide clients with timely information.

The SAP pre-configured solution was the best choice to meet client’s needs as it translates the potential and rigour of an integrated system like SAP into real benefits with the flexibility required by the industry.

Benefits for the client

The benefits associated with the solution implemented by Present include:

  • an extensive use of the configurator during the offer phase, which has empowered the company’s image for new potential customers;
  • the long and short term planning, based on internal forecasts and real orders or on the client’s plan;
  • an advanced management of the entire sales process, from the offer to completing the orders;
  • the optimisation of the use of human and production resources through a robust integration between commercial and production processes in a make-to-order environment with a great focus on complying with the promise.

The introduction of the solutions offered by Present has enabled the client company to implement new future developments linked to the specific features of the sector. Thanks to the new system, it is possible to continuously update offers by varying industrial costs, offering clear and exhaustive information on the margin achieved for each customer and for each material.