Success cases: Finance

Solution: Managed Services

Client: An important Italian banking group with several thousand employees and operating branches
Sector: Financial
Solution: Managed Services

The client is the joint venture between IT service companies of a well-known banking group and a leading company operating in the IT services market, entrusted with the management and transformation of the infrastructure of the entire banking group. The organisation is characterised by a highly complex environment, with several thousand employees that manage an infrastructure made of several data centres, distributed between various nations in the European sphere, dozens of servers, hundreds of thousands of emails and tens of thousands of network devices.
To continue to evolve and improve the infrastructure management, Present has provided vertical expertise in remote infrastructure management, both processes and tools.
In particular the client’s need was to implement Transition and Trasformation (T&T) projects on a predefined model and guarantee a constant technological update of the infrastructures and the fast adoption of nee technologies and paradigms. Besides, our client perceived the need to consolidate the suppliers to reduce operating costs and guarantee an infrastructure management involving multiple competences, among which, operating systems and Network Security. Especially, the client wanted to move from a ‘delivery model’ oriented to the needs of the banking group’ to a more distinguishing and specific delivery model.
The advantages linked to adopting resources of Present have been many: flexibility has increased and the speed in following the increase and decrease in the number of resources and the number of suppliers has been reduced and therefore even the costs for a streamlined and effective management, as well as having empowered the Network Security area and successfully completed projects lasting several years.

The role of Present

The resources Present dedicates to answer the technological and business needs are engaged in providing infrastructural and governance services relative to areas like monitoring and automation, cloud and virtualisation systems, operating systems in mainframe and distributed areas, database administration and storage and backup. Present’s company figures are mainly system integrators of first, second and third level; infrastructure architects, service managers and project managers with many years of experience and considerable knowledge of the infrastructure context used.
The architecture used was mainly on premise. The cloud was adopted partially. Besides, the Network Security operations were centralised in Italy. Before adopting the services of Present, this aspect of operations was carried out in a distributed manner in the various European countries, with a lower degree of efficiency.
One of the client’s needs was also to create a single virtual team to manage their mainframe environments and that is very important for banking customers. The Present expertise have allowed obtaining this result in a fast and evolved manner.

Less costs and better services

The benefits found were numerous and, above all, transversal and in line with the desired objectives:

  • The support of Present to all governance activities has allowed the successful continuation of multi-year projects involving hundreds of men-years;
  • The client has evolved the competence to operate both in integrated mode with its customers’ teams and in “service” mode on well-defined areas and parameters;
  • management costs have been reduced thanks to a very attentive supplier consolidation operation;
  • The capillary distribution of Present on the Italian territory has allowed a significant integration with the customer’s delivery, which is also geographically homogeneously distributed;
  • a significant improvement in the quality standards of the Network Security area that has been reorganised and empowered.