Digital Transformation Telco & Media

The Present offer of services and solutions dedicated to the Telco and Media sector

What we do

Telecommunications and Media are strategic sectors for the country’s system, as well as markets with a high rate of technological innovation. Present has developed vertical solutions for both sectors with strong process capabilities to support and drive ongoing evolutions.

The Telecommunications sector is central for Present. Within this market, Present carries out system activities and develops vertical solutions related to Customer Engagement and to the data analysis and processing to improve the customer offer. This context also includes applications related to 5G-based services.

The Media solutions

The Media sector is a market where technological innovation is very high. Present acts as a provider of system activities and a developer of specific solutions, including those dedicated to broadcasters. Furthermore, Present integrates solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for multimedia content analysis, from video to text, including topic detection, entity recognition and location and scenario analysis.

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Success stories

The client is an Italian Prime Internet Provider