Present Group


Solidity, competence, and innovation in the design, development, and implementation of varied projects, ranging from System Integration to application development, from Managed Services to consulting and development services in the SAP ecosystem.


Quality, excellence, and innovation in the design, implementation, and management of Multimedia Contact Centres, Omnichannel systems and Business Intelligence platforms.


Development of projects and the provision of advanced services in the enterprise market and for medium-sized companies with high-end needs, focusing especially on ICT and engineering sectors.

Present UK

Development of customised and scalable software solutions. The adoption of agile models makes the simultaneous development possible for innovative solutions with a very limited time to market.

Data Inform

ICT consulting services to support the innovation of business processes. Among the best known and respected companies in Turin, the ideal partner for the digital transformation of companies.

Present Systems

Centre of excellence for Mainframe Services, specialising in monitoring tools for IT infrastructures, systems, applications, and services. It also provides professional consulting services pertaining to the field of compliance and data privacy.


Specialised in monitoring and management services for scheduling and IT infrastructures ranging from mainframe to departmental systems. It joined the Present Group after the acquisition of an important Global Value component.


Consultancy and development in application software and information management sectors. Along with its customers, it creates solutions to provide people with information and knowledge to take the best decisions and to improve efficiency and competitiveness of the organizations.