Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Digitise your business processes with the Present services.
Analyses and development

Digital transformation of company processes

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) division of Present accompanies organisations in the analysis and digital transformation of business processes, developing Digital Process Automation, Business Process Reengineering, Robotic Process Automation projects and the development of Document Management Systems.

Through Document Management solutions, Present enables process digitalisation, managing the entire lifecycle of documents with an improvement of efficiency. . Even in the digitisation of processes and Document Management, Present guarantees a full regulatory compliance and total system engineering, document, and data security.


Document management

Present offers, in a single document archiving solution, through the Arxivar platform, services of dematerialisation, substitute storage, graphometric signature and process management.


Active cycle

Present guarantees full integration with any system, managing the print and PDF spooler and sending documents by mail, postal system, or fax.


Document management

Present’s solution streamlines versioning, research, activity logging, distribution, notes, stamps, collating, files, and reports.


Process Management

Present provides an easy and intuitive graphical process modeller. Document flows are designed with a click, as well as the modules needed for process management.


Passive Cycle

Present guarantees full integration with any system, managing the print and PDF spooler and sending documents by mail, postal system, or fax.



Present allows a full integration with the SAP world and with other main ERP tools like Microsoft Dynamics Nav and AS/400.


Electronic Storage

Present optimises a process that, downstream the archiving of documents (Sales/Purchase Invoices, Bills of Lading, VAT Registers, Journal Books, Single Employment Ledger), enables placing Digital Signature, Time Stamping and the SuperFingerprint.

Why choose Present

For the realisation of projects of Document Management, Digital Process Automation, Business Process Reengineering and Robotic Process Automation, Present can count on:


The ability to combine business needs, opportunities, and technological constraints, placing the customer at the centre and guiding them into the digital transformation of processes.


The integration of the Arxivar Document Management solution with the SAP solutions for the digital enterprise and the other leading ERPs and management software.


Broad knowledge of enabling technologies and deep process expertise across the most varied functions, sectors, and domains.


Extensive experience with a leading Document Management solution like Arxivar by Able Tech.


Diverse success stories in the development of vertical Document Management and Digital Process Automation solutions in different sectors.