Enterprise Applications & Integration

Application development, consulting, and design for Public Administrations.

Projects made to measure

The Present Enterprise Applications & Integration di Present division develops application solutions tailored to the customer’s business needs and manages and enhances the most advanced technologies, suited to different and complex managerial, technological, and operational contexts. The service consists in the analysis, design, and development of customised solutions in the application field, in particular with Microsoft technologies, of which Present is a Gold Partner in Application Development.

Present guides organisations in identifying and developing the most suitable application and technological solutions. Besides, it favours Digital Process Automation processes and Business Process Reengineering, deeply integrating advanced application solutions in the specific functional and business context.

Application development

Present places the deep knowledge of technologies beside market and process competences, to bring very specific solutions able to digitalise processes and drive the transformation towards the intelligent company.


Present’s acknowledged expertise with respect to the regulatory compliance and attention to security, as well as the ability to cover all needs in project development (from the analysis of requirements to the management of applications), are the differentiating factors in application development.


Present has developed deep competences in various sectors, including the insurance sector, retail, public transport and automotive, with specific applications and proprietary solutions.


Present supports the development and integration needs of its customers, providing multidisciplinary and certified teams, that integrate in complex organisational contexts with teams of dozens of specialists and technicians, even at the customer’s premises.


Beside the historical knowledge in the Microsoft world, Present has developed implementation skills in environments that are even very distant, including top technologies, among which Java technologies.

Wide workgroups

The Present work teams are wide and varied and involve analysts, system analysts and programmers, planners, functional specialists, and project managers, overseeing the overall development of the project.


The historical presence in the market and the ability to operate in different technological and organisational ecosystems make Present the ideal partner for the realisation of complex development and integration projects.

PA technological design

Present is a safe and trustworthy partner for central and local Public Administrations.

Present combines varied and transversal competences, from commercial to technical ones, to feed and manage entire services provided by local Public Administrations, including e-procurement systems and payment and access solutions.

Public Administrations are backed through IT management for users and in-house, a test factory and functional assistance.

Resources and expertise

The Enterprise Applications & Integration of Present counts on a unique and varied set if expertise, resources, and certifications.


Present operates historically in a Microsoft environment and is a Gold Partner in the Application Development.


The Enterprise Applications & Integration division has developed competences and projects in Open Source, Linux, Unix, Mainframe and Midrange (As400), growing in time and adopting leading technologies and approaches, like DevOps, Microservices, Containerisation and Application Modernisation.


Present also offers Hyper-automation solutions, through the exploitation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT technologies, guaranteeing a full interoperability between nodes and interfaces.


Present directs its customers in the digital transformation, exploiting the opportunities offered by the great enabling technologies: Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT.